private trip to Luxor by car from Hurghada

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Hurghada, Egypt
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16 Hours

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About this tour

A private trip to Luxor by car from Hurghada is an amazing day to spend in Luxor. Visit Karnak temple, Hatshepsut temple, Valley of the kings, and Memnon statues. Visit the most famous places in Luxor with lunch and cross the Nile in a private tour away from the crowded of the big groups.


  • private tourguide
  • private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Entrance fees to the areas we visit
  • bottles of water through the trip
  • lunch
  • all taxes and permissions
  • anything not mentioned above
  • drinks
  • gratitudes


With our professional tour guide, start your tour around 5:15 from your hotel taking roughly 3 hours and a half to reach Luxor. Firstly you will start your visits by the very massive temple, Karnak temple, the most famous one in Luxor. You can imagine yourself in the biggest hypostyle hall in the world which has 134 columns arranged in 16 lines. this is one of the most famous highlights in karnak temple .while you are there , you can see the two style of the hyroglyphic carvings ( the relief and the raised style , in and out ).you can see the original colors still on the columns. you can see one of the ancient egyptian miracles of engineering, it is the needle or the obelisk of the queen Hatchepsut. it is one piece of granite cut in Aswan city and transported through the Nile to Luxor city. Don't forget to get ready with any hope or wish before visiting the temple to get acheived through walking seven times around the famous scarab statue in the temple . More and more you can see in this complex of temples in karnak. After that, you will cross the Nile to continue your visit to the west bank of Luxor which was called the city of the dead. 

Meanwhile, you are there in the west bank, you will visit the valley of the kings which was the tombs of the ancient Egyptian kings in the new kingdom. This area of the valley of the kings date around 1500 b.c . They started digging there to be a cemetry for the ancient egyptian kings in that timebut you can find there other tombs for queens as well. we discovered till now 63 tombs which some of them opened and other closed. Any visitor to the area can visit 3 tombs but some tombs need extra tickets like the boy king tomb which is the most famous one, It is the tomb of the king Tutankhamen . 

Our tour guide will give you enough information and in case you want to visit the tomb of King Tutankhamen, it needs an extra ticket. 

In addition to the valley of the kings, we have in our private trip to Luxor, the temple of the queen Hatchepsut, the most panoramic temple ever you can see which was half carved and half built.

And On our private day to Luxor, we have our lunch in a restaurant there and we have only one break in the alabaster factory next to the valley of the kings. It is that stop where you will see the most ancient industry of the statues and the staff which was made to be stored inside the tomb with the dead pharaoh. There you can see the workers carving statues,jars,vase,obelisks and more from different stones. 

In our private trip to Luxor, you will have a very professional tour guide who will be happy to arrange the program with him.


Overday+15 Hour



Frequently asked questions

around 5 am and for sure it depends on which hotel do you stay and that will be arranged through whatsapp text after you book.

there is an extra ticket for this tomb costs 300 egyptian pounds and paid there in egyptian ponds or by credit card aswell

you can be back to hurghada around 7 pm

for sure not, ladies can wear summer or winter clothes as normally they wear .

not included but you can do it if you want as an option with the tourguide.

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Hurghada, Egypt
From: €90,00



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