winter palace hotel luxor

overview winter palace hotel luxor is known as Sofitel winter palace and the old winter palace hotel. It was originally built in 1866 but later found in its shape in 1905 by Charles Baehler and George  Nungovich in collaboration with Thomas cook&son Egypt. During the first world war,Winter palace hotel was closed but since 1907 […]

valley of the kings tombs

valley of the kings meaning It is known as wadi al muluk or wadi biban al muluk . Valley of the kings tombs area is the cemetery of the ancient Egyptian king in that time we call it the new kingdom(1500-1075 bc). It is the most famous place in luxor city which makes millions of […]

mummification process

The meaning of the mummification The mummification process has a lot of words referring to that process. One of the most accurate expressions is “preserving the body “ as it describes accurately what they do in that process. Another word is “mummification” also we found and it is not an Egyptian word but it is […]


Egypt is one of the African countries which is very rich with its different cultures. different inhabitants live in a very peaceful life. one of these different inhabitants is those people called the bedouins. From where originally the bedouins are not originally Egyptians as they came from Saudia Arabia since the Islamic conquest came to […]