Egypt is one of the African countries which is very rich with its different cultures. different inhabitants live in a very peaceful life. one of these different inhabitants is those people called the bedouins.

From where originally

the bedouins are not originally Egyptians as they came from Saudia Arabia since the Islamic conquest came to Egypt in 641 A.D.

Firstly they stayed around the river Nile. But later when they found the Egyptian traditions are not suitable enough for them, then, they started to stay in the desert.

All of them are Moslems and they talk in the Arabic language. They don’t have any ID or license as they live in the desert in groups, as we call it camps. The governments offered them, in some areas, houses to live in but they left everything to live in tents.

They don’t like anything related to modern life. Even they don’t want to be involved in normal Egyptian society. So they don’t serve in the army or the police.

Different traditions

They have a lot of different traditions which are totally different than the Egyptian ones.

In each camp they live, it should be a leader who is the oldest man in the camp. If one of the guys want to marry, he should tell his father and the father should tell the leader of the camp.

In that meeting, the girl can accept the marriage and also she can refuse. But she should arrange some cups of tea with sugar if she wants to accept the marriage. If she wants to refuse she will arrange some cups of tea but without sugar.

Most of them wear the long dress which we call it, Galabia, for the men and the women as well.

when you find a lady wearing everything in black color, this means that she is a widow.

If she wears a galabia, not black and she puts something on the mouse, it means that she is married. But all the young girls don’t put anything on the mouse, which means that they aren’t married till now.