valley of the kings meaning

It is known as wadi al muluk or wadi biban al muluk . Valley of the kings tombs area is the cemetery of the ancient Egyptian king in that time we call it the new kingdom(1500-1075 bc).

It is the most famous place in luxor city which makes millions of visitors still need to visit that city. The valley of the kings is the place which the ancient Egyptians chose as a procedure to protect their tombs from robbery and to save their mummies to the afterlife.

Reasons for choosing that place as a cemetery

First reason is that they found all the pyramids robbed that is why they tried to change the style of digging the tombs to be holes and corridors into the mountains.

It is very dry area just to keep their mummified bodies saved to the afterlife after making the mummification process.

They found the limestone in the valley of the kings tombs area much easier for them to dig than any other kinds of stones like granite or basalt.

Very protected area as you can find a lot of mountains surrounding the whole area.

Finally, the pyramid natural rock you can see in the area which made them still pointing to that idea of the pyramid shape which they respected a lot throughout the history.

Valley of the kings tombs size and numbering

Over there in that area, you can find around 64 tombs excavated till now, the smallest is the most famous and what made that place one of the most famous place not only in Egypt but also in the world, Tutankhamen’s tomb.

One of the largest tomb is that one for the queen Hatchepsut number 20 which is more than 215 meters deep. Besides, the most largest one is that one number 5 which was for the king Ramsess ΙΙ sons.

All of the tombs have the symbol KV which means kings valley and all of them have numbers as well which is the discovery number.

But some of them have the names of their kings owners because we could find the names inside on the carvings. However, others don’t have any names of their kings owners as we couldn’t find the names till now that is why you could see only KV and numbers by their entrances.

What you find inside the tombs

whemever you visit the valley of the kings tombs, you will get into any one by a massive entrance having two side walls decorated with scenes of the afterlife. Each has corridors that varies in its length among the tombs.

By the way down the tombs, you can see small 5 sided rooms which look like windows on each side. All these rooms had to hold the different statues,food and drinks as well in the past.

Keep going to the very deep area of each tomb and you can find  a big area which we call the burial chamber  and this area holds the sarcophagus which had to keep the mummy in when they built the tomb.

admission tickets to the area

The intrance tickets of the area give you the chance to visit 3 different tombs from those ones opened by the ministry of antiquities in the area and there by the tickets window, you will find which ones opened.

The government open some tombs for visiting and close the others as they make rotation among the tombs just to keep them preserved.

Some tombs in the valley of the kings need seperate tickets  like Tutankhamens’s tomb,Seti Ι and Ramesses 5th and 6th.

Don’t forget

pay for the puggy car which will drive you after you scan your tickests to the main entrance of the valley of the kings tombs.( 20 egyptian pounds each).

The main ticket is valid for 3 tombs so keep the tickets till you finish visiting the 3 tombs.

It is allowed to take pictures and make videos even inside the tombs but recommended not use the flash inside.

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