winter palace hotel luxor is known as Sofitel winter palace and the old winter palace hotel.

It was originally built in 1866 but later found in its shape in 1905 by Charles Baehler and George  Nungovich in collaboration with Thomas cook&son Egypt.

During the first world war,Winter palace hotel was closed but since 1907 the most famous visitor to winter palace was Lord Carnarvon.

Lord Carnarvon was the sponsor of the team who discovered the tomb of king Tutankhamun in the valley of the kings in Luxor.

In 1922, Lord Carnarvon discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen with Howard Carter so it was a big chance for them to use Winter palace hotel to declare and answer tell the news about the discovery from the hotel.

One of the very famous visitors to the winter palace, Agatha Christie, the English writer, wrote her novel THE DEATH ON THE NILE while staying at the hotel.

Notable residents to winter palace hotel luxor

Lord Carnarvon

Howard Carter

Agatha Christie

Location of winter palace hotel luxor

This luxury hotel lies on the eastern bank of the river Nile close to Luxor temple and the center of Luxor.

It is 15 km away from Luxor airport. It is for sure the most important area in Luxor city and the main downtown of that historical city.

More about winter palace hotel luxor

It has 5 restaurants which is one of them called the 1886 and this one inaccurately dates the establishment of the hotel.

In 2004 it was the platform of the filming of that very famous novel THE DEATH ON THE NILE which was written by Agatha Christie, the English writer.

Whenever you visit Luxor city, it is a totally different feeling you get when you visit this hotel and believe me I am not exaggerating whenever I say that it is a must to do it.